Magento design services

Magento design services

Staylime provides Magento design services to reinforce your business identity and make your web store’s look and feel stand out. To ensure the quality of design, we follow these Magento guidelines:

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Design options

Unique theme development

We help you create a unique Magento theme from the ground up, providing full‑cycle development from design to frontend development and integration.

Most popular
Blank theme‑based design
Using the Magento blank theme as a starting point, we create a new user‑friendly and responsive theme. The blank theme provides the basic structure upon which our designers build the features and customizations that you want.
Development from scratch
Developing a new theme from scratch creates a field for an exclusive design to embody your most creative ideas. In addition, it enables optimized theme performance to speed up your Magento solution.

Theme customization

By customizing an off‑the‑shelf Magento theme, you get an affordable web store design faster.

From a wide range of themes on the market, our team helps to select the most suitable template and adapts it to your liking, including the change of color schemes, fonts, layout, and the development of new icons, illustrations, 3D visualizations, and banners.

Ready‑made design implementation

If you have a ready‑made web design and are seeking to implement it, Staylime has a pool of frontend developers ready to help.

  • Audit of the ready‑made design
  • Mockup modification
  • Theme development
  • Integration


Responsive web design

The diversity of devices and the rapid growth of mobile make responsive web design the best option for businesses that strive to optimize how they engage with customers across all digital touchpoints.

Staylime develops Magento solutions that are adapted to different devices and screen sizes.

We create responsive Magento design for your web store by rendering the following services:

1. Responsive design from scratch

Our experts create a single solution designed to function across platforms and devices, which enables extended user engagement across various touchpoints.

2. Mobile web design optimization

If your website design is not mobile‑friendly, Staylime optimizes it ensuring the widest coverage of mobile devices and platforms.

Compatibility & compliance

Cross-browser compatibility Following the cross‑browser compatibility approach to design, we ensure that your solution works properly across browsers.
W3C compliance Staylime develops W3C compliant code to ensure that the solutions we build remain search engine and browser friendly in the long run.

Brand identity design & implementation

To ensure seamless and consistent representation of your business online, we provide brand identity design and implementation services.

Staylime designs corporate branding and integrates it into the Magento solution to give your storefront personality, helping it to stand out from competitors and you to build customer loyalty and trust.

When you engage Staylime to build a design solution for your website, we take the time to understand the unique branding needs of your business and put your brand’s visual identity at the core of development.
Eugene Selenkov
Art Director, Staylime

Theme performance optimization

Slow site load times adversely affect the customers’ buying decision.

Our team will help optimize the performance of your Magento store to boost the site load speed and achieve enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

Mobile-first design

In the design process, we adopt the mobile‑first approach to theme development that provides a number of benefits: it ensures that your website is easily and quickly accessible and responsive on any device.
Mobile conversion rates are up 64% when compared with the average desktop conversion rates, so designing mobile first can lead to more profit for your business.
With over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide, you won’t lose any customers.
After the mobile design is done, you already have the main functionality of the solution and can easily scale it upwards to adapt to tablets and computers.


At the beginning of every project, our team researches the customer’s business, gathers and clarifies requirements to ensure that developers and designers tailor a solution that satisfies their needs and expectations.

In accordance with the project requirements, we agree on the choice of a suitable approach — blank theme‑based design, third‑party theme customization or development from scratch — and start creating the design for the entire pool of storefront pages, supplying you with a GUI kit that has a set of uniquely looking UI elements and all their states:

Homepage Categories page Product page Cart page Account page Checkout page Search results page Content page / UI Success!

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