Magento migration services

Magento migration services

With custom functionality, integrations and store views of Magento‑powered stores, there is no one‑size‑fits‑all solution for migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

From automated database migration to functionality redevelopment and manual resolution of conflict between source and destination, Staylime takes on all the pains associated with upgrade to Magento 2.

Migration process

Magento 1 components migration

Core migration

First, Staylime replicates your Magento 1 store on a staging server to safeguard uninterrupted business process during transition.

Then, we install Magento 2 on a new host, be it a sub domain or a sub folder on your server, leveraging the design and topology that matches the source solution.

Database migration

Following the Magento Migration Guide, we transfer the store settings, customer, product data and web content to a new installation.

The process involves both migration with Magento Data Migration Tool and transfer of files that don’t map.

Advanced Product Options migration

Staylime transfers complex product configuration structures of the MageWorx APO extension.

Our experts port custom pricing, inventory, color, image options, as well as dependencies of a multitude of product variations.

As a result, you get the product catalog arranged logically and concisely on a new Magento 2 store.

Functionality migration

Since Magento 2 has different database and architecture design, there is no backward compatibility between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

For this reason, our experts adjust or completely redevelop every 1.x extension and custom‑built features in order to make it compatible with the 2.x version.

Extension update If the extension has a Magento 2 version, we reinstall it, porting data and settings manually or automatically.
Analogous extension setup In case the analogue of the Magento 1 extension has been released, Staylime installs and tailors it to perform as it should.
Custom extension development To cover functionality that is not supported by any existing extension, Staylime develops custom add‑ins from scratch.
Data migration script development Staylime develops custom migration scripts that transfer data from M1 extensions to structurally different but functionally similar M2 extensions.

Design migration

Because Magento 1 themes are not transferable to Magento 2, Staylime UX designers and frontend engineers build a Magento 2 store UI under the following scenarios.

SEO settings migration

Staylime ports external SEO solutions, recreating custom URLs, metadata, cross‑links, redirects and markup, ensuring correct search visibility.

Incremental migration

To safeguard uninterrupted flow of your business processes, Staylime keeps the source site alive till the end of the migration process, while end‑users make millions of changes a day to the source system.

In this context, continuous data matching between the source and target is vital.

Staylime runs delta migration through a script automating comparison of the source and destination databases, transferring the incremental changes: created reviews, customers and orders.

Delta migration
100% accuracy
Near‑zero downtime
Real‑time synchronization
Manual migration
Human mistakes
Extra efforts

Magento 1 support

In case you are reluctant to upgrade Magento 1, Staylime offers solution health check and optimization, including server configuration, extension inspection, and configuration.

Implementing custom extensions and workarounds, our team ensures that the functionality of your Magento 1 solution functionality answers your current business needs.

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