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Event Management is a Magento 2 extension that allows you to create, manage, and sell events and event groups like food fests, theatre shows, movie screenings, conferences, concerts, parties, road shows, workshops, and webinars. Whether it’s your line of business, or a means of driving customer engagement.

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10 Killer Features

Events & Sessions

Create, manage, and sell one-time, multi-date, and recurring single-venue and multi-venue events.

Each event may have one or more upcoming, cancelled, and completed sessions. Each session may contain one or more date and time spans, have its own instructor, seat availability, price adjustment, and notes.


Assign instructors to sessions and list all event instructors on the event page in a respective tab.

Create a separate instructor page with a SEO-friendly URL slug with instructor’s name, photo, bio, and email, and a list of respective classes, paginated.

Wait Lists

Allow logged-in users to sign up for a wait list of a sold-out session and be notified if it becomes available again.


Confirm event registrations and notify customers of upcoming, changed, or cancelled sessions.

Send reminder emails with information on session location, date and time. Ask your customers to fill post-session questionnaires.


Manage event attendees. Export .csv file of the list of customers after each event or for all events.


Display events and sessions as a calendar with monthly, weekly, and daily modes. Export events to .ics.


Categorize events by assigning them to native Magento product categories.


Specify locations of your event sessions and filter events by location.

Related products

Suggest tyour customers to purchase a related product for any event.


Manage all events, their sessions, locations, instructors, and attendees in the admin panel.

How it works

Create an event
Add a session
Assign an instructor

Create a new event as if you were creating a regular Magento product.

Specify where and when each session of the event is going to take place.

Tell everyone who is going to be leading the sessions.

Enjoy selling your newly-created event.

Featured reviews

We wanted an extremely stable extension that performed well and was easy to customize

Staylime displayed a strong desire to create an optimized product. Their team’s professionalism struck me the most — they were excellent communicators and focused on building a great product and making their customers happy.

Todd Lininger
Todd Lininger Owner, Todd Lininger Design, LLC


Meissner Sewing Machine Company implements the Event Management Extension for their Magento 2 store.

This allowed Meissner to introduce class management functionality and drive customer engagement through selling sewing classes along with related products.

Technical specifications

Current version



Open Source: 2.3.x

Commerce: 2.3.x


PHP composer repository


Q22021 GraphQL support
Q12021 Zoom integration
Q12021 Magento 2.4 compatibility
Nov. 17, 2020
  • Magento 2.3.6 compatibility;
  • Extends PHP requirements to 7.4.0.
  • Fix for My Classes page when instructor is deleted.
Jun. 20, 2019
  • Up version to 1.x.x (Composer loading requirement)


If you have questions or suggestions feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

  • Does Event Management require Magento to run?

    Yes, Event Management requires Magento 2.3+ to run. If you don’t have a Magento website we can help build you one.

  • Can we give our instructors access to the rosters for their events?

    Yes, you can give instructors access to rosters, using Magento’s user roles management.

  • Can registration be closed at a certain point before the event starts?

    Yes, we have very flexible settings for this. You can set registration to close (preventing any new registrations from being made) right when the class starts, or at any interval before or after that. You can even keep it open an hour or two after the class starts to be able to add anyone who just shows up.

  • How do wait lists work?

    If a class session is full, customers will be able to add their names (and contact info) to a wait list. Once space opens up you can contact them and encourage them to register.