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Magento integration

Staylime renders Magento integration services, connecting your Magento instance with enterprise software, third‑party service APIs and custom‑built apps. We ensure your Magento integration solution covers business processes and functionality needs completely, while providing for seamless synchronization of orders, customers, inventory, fulfillment, billing data, and what not across web stores and back office.

Magento integration with third-party services

As part of our Magento services Staylime can help you connect your store with virtually any external service or system. Our Magento integration solutions enable real-time update synchronization among Magento stores and accounting solutions, marketing automation systems, payment gateways, shipment integrators, commerce analytics, and social networks without the need for manual data entry and validation.

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Depending on your business model and operations, we implement both scheduled and real time, unidirectional and bidirectional data interchange within single- and multi-store installations.

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Ready-made Magento integration extensions

With thousands of ready-made Magento integration extensions available in the market, there’s a high chance we’ll be able to find one that suits your Magento integration needs.

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Magento integration extension customization

In case a ready-made extension covers your needs partially, we can deconstruct and modify it to build additional Magento integration capabilities on top of existing ones.

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Custom integration extensions

If there’s no ready-made Magento integration solution available, we can develop Custom Magento extensions from scratch to cover whatever integration functionality you may require.

Managing Magento through web API

We utilize Magento’s web APIs to allow desktop, web, mobile, and server-side applications authorize and communicate with Magento, enabling you to delegate catalog, product, stock, order, customer, content, quote, tax, invoice, and refund management to other systems.

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A plethora of Magento integrations can entail a range of performance, security, scalability, and compatibility issues, while poor documentation complicates Magento support.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Our team is ready to detect the bottlenecks by providing end-to-end integration audit and documentation review, and either provide you with actionable recommendations or resolve the issues ourselves.
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Business analysis

Before rushing into Magento development we thoroughly analyze your existing infrastructure, business processes, and requirements to suggest you the most adequate, cost-efficient and swift ready-made, customized, or custom integration solution.

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Audit & review

Starting from low-level all the way up to high-level components, we identify and help you action upon integration-driven conflicts, insecure endpoints and transmissions, and functionality discrepancies.

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Documenting & transfer

Staylime engineers rewrite, extend, or create Magento integration documentation to articulate the expected behavior and features of existing or upcoming Magento integrations with related systems, and subsequent transfer to stakeholders.

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Refactoring & improvement

Be it ready-made or custom Magento extensions handling your Magento integration, we refactor the existing code, improving performance, security and compatibility without altering the functional behavior.

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Reverse engineering

We study and deconstruct the code of your existing Magento integration solutions to replicate or enhance their functional capabilities in scenarios where little or no knowledge about their structure and operation is available.

POS integration

Staylime leverages existing extensions or develops custom Magento integrations from scratch to help you connect your online store with the brick-and-mortar part of your business.

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We enable bidirectional automated flow of orders and customers between any POS system and Magento to streamline business processes and automate routine.

Marketplace integration

Staylime can integrate Magento with a range of online marketplaces, enabling sellers to increase exposure and enjoy additional revenue sources with a hotbed of opportunities.

Our marketplace integration solutions allow businesses to create, update, and end listings, fulfill orders, and manage their stock and pricing centrally.

Payment gateway integration

Oftentimes PayPal, Braintree and Authorize.Net are just not enough. It might as well so happen that there is no ready-made extension available to integrate Magento with the payment provider you’re willing to use.

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When this is the case, we utilize the Magento payment provider gateway to build Magento integrations with third-party payment services, allowing you to authorize or cancel transactions, as well to block, withdraw, and return customer funds through a gateway of your choice.