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Magento support & maintenance

Staylime renders a full range of Magento support and maintenance services to businesses that want to enhance the functionality, security, and performance of their Magento stores.

Engagement scenarios

Whether you need ongoing maintenance to keep your store running smoothly while also dealing with issues that’ve been bothering you for quite some time, or ad hoc help with an emergent problem you just can’t get a handle on, we can help by rendering Magento support along with related Magento services.

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Ongoing maintenance

By engaging in an ongoing monthly maintenance contract with Staylime, you get allocated an agreed-upon amount of human resources with guaranteed availability and a dedicated project manager, who will cater to your needs and handle delivery.

We help you prioritize and choose what to do next, working in sprints where each week you receive a report on what’s been done along with a roadmap of activities for the upcoming week. And don’t worry if the allocated resources are exhausted — we’ll bill the extra separately at the same rate.

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Ad hoc Magento support

We know the pains of not being able to find someone who can help you when you need it most, especially if it is the success or continuity of your business that is at stake. We render ad hoc Magento support in cases of emergency, where you have an urgent problem that requires attention and no in-house resources to address it.

Depending on the severity of the issue, we provide immediate or next-day engagement, helping businesses get their store back on track in no time even in the most frustrating or desperate scenarios.

By entrusting maintenance and support to Staylime you:

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    Retain focus on doing business while we assume full responsibility for the technical side of things.

  • A team of superheroes

    Receive dedicated resources, remaining certain that you have access to them on demand without having to constantly search for and contract Magento developers.

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    Decrease risks by entrusting your business to a team of engineers who will eliminate your store’s downtime and act quickly if issues arise.

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    Recover from disasters proactively in case of server malfunctions, data loss or cyber attacks that can affect your store.

Availability tiers

Depending on your current infrastructure, Magento setup, and the likelihood of risks, we suggest either of the two Magento support availability tiers.

8/5 24/7
Availability Business hours Round the clock
Rate 1x 2x
Availability fee 2x 3x
Initial response 1 business day 15 minutes
First status update 1 business day 60 minutes
Channels Email, IMs You name it

Magento support tiers

We offer multi-level Magento support for solutions developed by Staylime or by any third-party vendor.

  • An emergency response unit

    L1 support

    Initial response & basic troubleshooting.

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    L2 support

    Fixing issues that have a critical impact on store operations, such as an inability to place orders.

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    L3 support

    Advanced support, including source code issue resolution, code optimization, and custom Magento development.

Keeping Magento
up to date

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Magento updates

We keep an eye on new Magento update releases and install them at earliest convenience to make sure your store has the latest security patches, performance improvements, functional fixes, code enhancements, and new features in place. In case a faulty update is released, our engineers investigate the cause of the defect and work out a fix long before the official patch.

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Extension updates

We offer timely installation of updates for third-party or proprietary extensions along with basic quality assurance to check whether they remain compatible with the rest of your store. If not, we conduct an in-depth research to detect what’s causing the incompatibility and perform the necessary fixes to make sure the updated extensions work as expected and do not cause any conflicts.

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Theme updates

We bump up installed themes in case an update is required to accommodate the changes that were introduced to Magento with the latest release. Given that oftentimes theme updates do not keep up with Magento’s development pace and become dysfunctional when the latter is updated, we check updated themes for compatibility and eliminate any functional or visual problems store owners might encounter after the update.

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Server updates

We perform regular server updates to help businesses avoid outdated configurations that experience poor performance with a frequency that works for the environment in question. We render the full spectrum of server update services from bumping the version of components installed on your server and updating their dependencies to updating the operating system and installing patches. In doing so we clone your environment meaning that we will not require an outage window to troubleshoot critical problems and will seamlessly switch the outdated system with the new one while your business remains uninterrupted.


Staylime provides round-the-clock monitoring of availability, performance and Magento SEO metrics of your store, keeping a close eye on extension, theme, and Magento update rollouts.

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Our Magento support team is immediately alerted and engaged to prevent downtime or business interruptions and eliminate security threats when issues occur or updates are released.

  • Availability monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Update monitoring
  • SEO monitoring

Migration support

We ensure uninterrupted operability of Magento 1 stores during migration to Magento 2 by us or a third-party vendor. However, we do not recommend the latter.

Performance optimization

Staylime engineers perform performance audits and optimizations to help businesses improve the operation of their store and, hence, increase conversion and drive more revenue.

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In doing so we don’t blindly follow your instructions, suggestions or guesses — we strive to find the real cause behind the issue you’re experiencing and eliminate it. At the end of the day we provide solutions, not spare hands.

Our performance enhancement services include:

  • Updating and upgrading your server environment
  • Uninstalling unused and obsolete Magento extensions
  • Detecting and fixing poorly performing custom extensions
  • Minimizing the number of database requests
  • Wrapping custom functionality into extensions
  • Refactoring the code of third-party and custom Magento extensions

Business continuity enablement

Accounting for your desired recovery times and associated costs, our developers and DevOps engineers implement unique disaster recovery plans for Magento stores, governing application and data rollbacks in cases of critical errors, server outage, or regional and global data center inavailability.

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Third-party Magento support takeover

As a rule, changing the third-party provider that maintains your Magento store is associated with risks.

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Yet, entrusting Staylime with the takeover will allow you to avoid them as we’re capable of seamlessly carrying out complete third-party Magento support takeover, from access handover, knowledge transfer, and remedy activities to ongoing Magento maintenance services.

1. Handover

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Access transfer
  • Code analysis
  • Documentation audit
  • Functional testing
  • Performance audit

2. Remedy

  • Documentation replenishment
  • Code refactoring
  • Hot fixes
  • Performance optimization
  • Improvement planning

3. Ongoing support

  • Monitoring
  • Feature development
  • Scheduled & on-demand updates
  • Search engine optimization
  • Facelifting