About us

We’re a small ecommerce development company that prides itself on having completed a multitude of large projects.

Our mission

We help ecommerce evolve by delivering smart, efficient, and appealing solutions to digital challenges of new and mature retail and wholesale businesses.

We have a sense of belonging to every project we work on. We get things done, and do so with integrity and care for the outcome.

It’s the commitment to deliver decent results to our customers. We have zero tolerance for subpar output, undependability risks, and shared responsibility. Besides, it is our strategic imperative to accumulate and retain technological and domain expertise in the house. Hence, we never outsource.

It’s the people that stand behind each project that we undertake. We believe that personal relationships drive the success of our endeavors, and that is why we take it a step further to keep a personalized approach to every customer with the entire team being involved beyond development.

It’s the impact that drives our team and gives our work meaning. Staylime does not miss the mark on addressing why we’re doing things — eventually, the reasoning behind our work shapes how it’s done, and the latter defines the impact that solutions delivered by us will make.

we care we deliver we disrupt
we care we deliver we disrupt

Customer reviews

Throughout the years we’ve helped hundreds of ecommerce businesses succeed in their endeavors. Here’s what they say.

The quality of the work has been great.

Staylime are quite responsive, and I am happy about that. They have delivered the project as expected and they have definitely met our expectations.

Staylime checks their work to ensure it meets quality standards and continues to provide ongoing maintenance. The team produces quality results at a reasonable price point.

Hemal Parekh
Hemal Parekh Managing Director, Empire Digital Group Ltd

Our sales went up by almost 20% due to the new design of the website.

Staylime does a great job. They’re self-managing, they understand the goals that you want to achieve, and they will give you really good recommendations about the best way to achieve that result rather than allowing you to make mistakes in your own design.

They truly understand visual design, which is rare. Other companies will just build something that works, but Staylime knew that, for us, the visual aesthetic was equally as important as the functionality.

Eric Bernstein
Eric Bernstein President, Spectrum Worldwide, LLC

With such a big change, I was really surprised how smooth the launch was.

The new site processes orders much quicker and has received positive feedback from clients. Staylime facilitates an enjoyable process through collaboration and a smooth system of project management. Their team is communicative, talented, and professional.

All the development work went through the project managers so we not needed to work with developers at all. The whole work was done on a staging environment and ported only to the live site when they were done.

Viktor Lantos
Viktor Lantos Managing Director, Green Aqua LLC

Their capable attitude and planning made a difference.

The redesign has driven measurable improvements to the site’s visits and time spent per page, along with an improvement in the turnover rate. Staylime adapted to in-house tools and utilized them to catch errors more efficiently.

Their quick replies to inquiries and professional handling of technical challenges stood out. We’ve seen a clear improvement in our analytics with regard to page visits and time spent per page. Our turnover has improved by about 10%.

Peter Maas
Peter Maas Owner, Gewächshausplaza

They’ve gone out of their way to make me happy.

The support and expertise they demonstrated in those instances, coupled with the can-do attitude of their proposal for the current project, swung the decision their way. Everyone I’ve worked with has been friendly and consistent with their communication.

Their accessibility and personal approach have made for an enjoyable partnership. Staylime successfully handled a project management transition and offer attentive customer service.

Jon Horsfield
Jon Horsfield Director, Jaydee Living Ltd

They always completed tasks within our deadlines.

Though it will take time for clear metrics to demonstrate the impact of the project, Staylime was a successful collaborator who responded quickly to inquiries and completed complex structures with ease.

This is our most successful cooperation with an outside agency. We're pleased with their ability to complete such a complex project as quickly as they did. They integrated all our extensions, supported the launch process, and continue to optimize the site.

Juliane Lackner
Juliane Lackner Product Manager, Ankerkraut GmbH

They were excellent communicators and focused on building a great product.

The final product reflected initial specifications because of Staylime’s detailed reporting and frequent communication. Their transparency also extended to hours worked and estimate accuracy.

Staylime displayed excellent professionalism and a strong desire to create an optimized product. They communicated questions and concerns quickly and resolved them just as fast.

Todd Lininger
Todd Lininger Owner, Todd Lininger Design, LLC

The Staylime team shared creative ideas and robust solutions.

The upgrade has significantly improved site performance and contributed to business growth. Staylime’s organized approach, transparency, and strategic advice made them a valuable partner.

Staylime provided high-quality support and professional management. They sent us regular updates and informed us about progress. We were impressed with their fast and clear communication.

Volodymyr Marynychev
Volodymyr Marynychev Lead Developer, Little Lunch GmbH