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Custom Magento development

Staylime renders custom Magento development services, helping you provide your customers with an engaging shopping experience. Whether you need to develop a store from scratch, fine‑tune an existing one, or get your project back on track, we have qualified Magento experts to help.

Custom Magento development services

Be it turnkey or custom Magento development, we cover the full spectrum of Magento services — our engineers can help you address whatever Magento ecommerce development needs you might have.

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I need to build a new store from scratch

Turnkey store development

We leverage Magento, the world’s leading ecommerce platform, to deliver multifunctional stores with rich out-of-the-box features, seamless third-party integrations, and unlimited Magento customizations that cover any unique needs your business might have.

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I have a store and need custom functionality

Custom Magento development

In cases where there’s no extension that can satisfy your needs, our engineers can craft custom Magento functionality by rendering extension development services to address the functional requirements you or your users have.

Magento theme development

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Staylime can help businesses that value individuality and unique user experience implement custom theme design that is tailored to their identity and whatever specific extension-wise or custom functionality their store might have.

We create unique Magento design from scratch, providing full-cycle services from conceptualization to Magento theme development. By doing so we bring your most creative and unconventional ideas to life, letting you achieve your performance goals through an exclusive, well-thought-out design bundled into an installable Magento theme.

Magento as a backend

We leverage the capabilities of Magento’s web APIs to programmatically interact with a single freestanding Magento instance, providing businesses with headless solutions that allow to partially use Magento functionality to power the ecommerce side of things, while having third-party systems govern other functionality.

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The web APIs allow us to develop virtually any application or custom Magento integration you can imagine on top of Magento, including but not limited to mobile shopping and showroom apps, CRMs and ERPs, and interactive widgets.

Marketplace development

Wanna build the next Amazon or Ebay in your niche? Or just thinking of building a convenient marketplace for your customers to be able to access a multitude of local vendors and sellers via a single store? We can help.

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Staylime utilizes ready-made extensions or develops custom Magento extensions from scratch to assist store owners in converting their default Magento installations into multi-seller marketplaces, while providing sellers with an ability to take full control of the management of their products, shipments, orders, and invoices.

Multi-store development

To support your multi-brand approach, Staylime deploys multiple storefronts configured to either share customer data or be completely separate from each other.

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Our multi-store Magento deployments allow businesses to enjoy a single codebase and manage data centrally through a unified admin user interface, while using multiple endpoints to display different attributes and content, such as:

  • Languages
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Currencies
  • Themes
  • Domains
  • Shippings
  • Payments


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Magento Open Source

Supporting core commerce functionality from product cataloging to billing, multi-currency payments to shipping, Magento Open Source enables emerging businesses to jump-start their stores, testing their business models with minimum investment.

We resort to Magento Open Source to build and grow unique online stores from the ground up, spicing them up with both ready-to-use extensions from the Magento Marketplace and custom Magento development services rendered by our engineers.

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Magento Commerce

Packed with sales acceleration, digital merchandising, online promotion, and consumer intelligence capabilities, Magento Commerce is the best framework for mature commerce businesses.

We deploy your commerce ecosystem on your server of choice, suggesting and adding the relevant features from thousands available and performing the necessary customizations.

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Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento’s managed, automated hosting platform ensures rapid development process and continuous deployment of your store in scenarios that require provisioned scalability and exclusive features.

We utilize this highly customizable, scalable, and secure environment for efficient rapid Magento website development and continuous deployment of online stores with granular visibility into their performance.

What’s the difference?

Magento Open Source

Free, integrated checkout, payment, and shipping, responsive design, catalog management, extended functionality via app marketplace, instant purchase, site search

Magento Commerce

Magento Open Source features plus:

Business intelligence dashboards, B2B functionality, advanced marketing tools, content staging & preview, customer loyalty tools, WYSIWYG page builder, visual merchandising, account manager, technical support, access to quick-build express packages

Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Open Source features plus:

Optimized cloud commerce for magento, cloud availability SLA up to 99.99%, content delivery network, performance monitoring tools, fastly WAF and DDoS services, PCI compliance, easy deployment, streamlined updates and testing

Project rescue

We would not believe the amount of Magento development projects gone wrong hadn’t we received so many requests for help ourselves.

Here are some of the complaints on incompetent vendors we receive from our newly acquired customers:
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“They do not tell us how things are implemented”, “The work they do isn’t top notch & quick”, “They nickel-and-dime us for everything, including emails”, “They fix one thing and break two more along the way”, “They spend a lot of time and resources”, “We’re not sure what they’re doing”, “They perform activities without informing us.”

Rings a bell? If so, we’re here to help — failing or failed, we can rescue a Magento project at any stage. Get in touch to learn how we’ll get you back on track in no time.