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Magento migration services

Magento migration service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. From automated database migration to functionality redevelopment and manual resolution of compatibility issues, Staylime takes on all the pains associated with making the shift to 2.x


Prior to migrating online stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and rendering related Magento services it is vital to get an in-depth understanding of the requirements surrounding Magento design, functionality, Magento integration, and, ultimately, time and budget constraints, as these will impact the scope of the project.

With this in mind, prior to rendering the Magento migration services our engineers conduct an all-round audit:

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    We review your data volume, store structure, and current design.

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    See how many extensions are in place, whether they are pre-built or custom-made, what tasks they address;

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    We analyze custom functionality introduced to existing extensions or, heaven forbid, Magento’s core.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Besides, we delve deep into the way your business operates both internally and externally to see whether there are any grounds for cost-effective and rational automation or enhancement of your existing business processes by virtue of custom functionality or ready-made extensions.

This analysis allows us to draft a sound Magento migration guide tailored to your objectives and needs, along with a timeline and the costs involved, to be able to commence the project strictly in line with your expectations and successfully migrate you to the latest Magento version.

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  • Business processes
  • Server load & configuration
  • Shopping experience
  • Data volume
  • Store structure
  • Extensions
  • Customizations
  • Integrations
  • Theme(-s)
  • Database modifications & defects


  • Magento migration options
  • Plan
  • Timeline
  • Proposal

Environment setup

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Changing providers

Oftentimes IaaS or PaaS vendors just can’t provide that top-notch experience you’re after.

Be it poor performance, distant physical location of the data center, absence of transparency from tech support, missing functionality, inability to scale along with your business or high price, we’ll be happy to lend you a hand — whatever the reason behind your will to change your server environment, we have dedicated engineers to help you out with making a seamless switch to a new platform of choice.

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Server configuration

Our DevOps engineers thoroughly study current system loads, while accounting for your business growth expectations and predictions — all that to select an optimal server configuration that would be scalable and efficient to support your needs in the long run.

This approach allows us to ensure that your Magento 2-based store will provide the required functionality and operate just as it’s supposed to, and also will help you calculate the total cost of ownership and plan the budget accordingly.

  • DigitalOcean

    Because of one click configuration, vast geographic coverage, and affordable pricing, DigitalOcean is the platform of our choice for small yet high performance instances with common ecommerce features.

  • Amazon Web Services

    The largest network of Amazon’s globally distributed data centers and manifold SDKs enable us to implement large scale and load‑resistant Magento stores with sophisticated functional features.

  • Magento-specific hostings

    We’re also accustomed to working with a range of Magento-specific hostings, including Nexcess and MageMojo. Fear not, we’ll be able to roll your ecommerce store on any other IaaS or PaaS given we have access and sufficient permissions.

Magento 2 migration service for your database

Primary migration

It all starts with the primary database migration: our developers make a copy of the existing Magento 1 database and attempt to migrate to Magento 2, while documenting all the issues and trying to resolve them as they arise, preventing any data loss whatsoever.

Once done, we provide you with access to our staging environment where you can double-check everything to make sure that the Magento migration attempt went well. If so, we set up triggers in your existing store’s database and migrate your store settings, customer, product data, web content, and files to a clean unaltered Magento 2 installation.

  • Stores
  • System configuration
  • Shipping, payment, tax settings
  • Catalog
  • Orders
  • CMS content
  • Transactional emails
  • Media files
  • Admin user accounts and ACLs (optional)
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Delta migration

To safeguard uninterrupted flow of your business processes, Staylime keeps the source site alive while we provide the Magento migration services and the end users keep making changes in the source system. In this context, continuous data matching between the source and target is vital.

Once the functionality and the design are there and you’re ready to make a switch from your old store to the new one, Staylime runs the delta migration process through a script automating comparison of the source and destination databases, transferring the incremental changes that were made to your store from the moment the primary migration was complete.

  • New orders
  • New reviews
  • Admin operations with orders, products, and categories
  • Customers and profile changes

We also manually migrate the following data by request:

  • Media
  • Admin user accounts
  • Access Control Lists

Magento functionality migration

Since Magento 2 has different database and architecture designs, there is no backward compatibility between it and Magento 1. Hence, the functionality of your store can’t be migrated in the true sense of the word — it can only be replicated from scratch.

For this reason, our engineers handpick and adjust a 2.x counterpart for every 1.x extension, whose functionality you’d like to retain, and develop custom Magento extensions for whatever custom-built features you might have, so that you can enjoy a full replica of the existing functionality on your new 2.x store.

Here are the options that we pursue when replicating the functionality:


Extension reinstallation

If the extension has a Magento 2 version, we reinstall it, porting its data and settings manually or automatically.


Similar extension setup

We select and install similar Magento 2 extensions that enjoy alike functionality as their Magento 1 counterparts.


Custom Magento development

Staylime develops custom Magento extensions from scratch to cover functionality that is not supported by any existing extension.


Extension data migration

We migrate extension data to Magento 2, developing custom data migration scripts for functionally similar, yet structurally different extensions.

  1. Selection
  2. Installation
  3. Compatibility testing
  4. Data migration
  5. Functionality check
  6. Data check

Retaining integrations

Retaining existing Magento integrations when rendering Magento migration services is essentially the same as replicating existing functionality: we integrate your store with third-party solutions through out-of-the-box functionality, existing Magento extensions, or custom Magento extensions that we develop ourselves.

Design migration

Given the architectural differences of Magento 1 and 2, their themes are not interchangeable or transferable.

However, our designers and developers can help you address this problem you didn’t know you had a second ago in a variety of ways:

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    Third-party theme installation, where we customize a theme available on the market.

  • A pizza with an out-of-the-place slice

    Slicing your existing Magento 1 theme and rebundling it to make it compatible with Magento 2.

  • A chef adding final touches to the pizza

    Custom theme development, where our team delivers the design and development of a unique theme from scratch.

SEO settings migration

It is of vital importance for any ecommerce business to retain and yet better to multiply your Magento SEO potential when migrating, which is especially difficult in scenarios where custom SEO functionality was introduced to Magento’s core.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Our SEO experts analyze your current configuration, and study existing extensions and customizations to fully understand the SEO-related complexities behind Magento migration services rendered

Once done, we migrate your SEO settings, recreate custom URLs and cross links, transfer metadata and markup, and set up redirects.

  • Fixing existing issues
  • Transferring existing 301 redirects
  • Setting up new 301 redirects
  • Setting up sitemap.xml
  • Configuring robots.txt
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Migrating GA/GTM events

Advanced Product
Options migration

As part of the Magento mirgation service Staylime transfers complex product configuration structures of the Mageworx’s Advanced Product Options extension, retaining all product/template assignments.

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We port all data, including custom pricing, inventory, color, image options, as well as dependencies of a multitude of product variations. As a result, you get an exact replica of your product catalog on the new Magento 2 store.

Magento 1 support

In case you are still reluctant to migrate to Magento 2.x or want us to help you support your existing store while we also render Magento migration services, we offer Magento support services for Magento 1.x, that span security patches, performance optimization, configuration of the server, extension inspection, and functionality customization.