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Custom Magento 2 theme development

We render the full spectrum of services related to custom Magento 2 theme development, including the development of a unique theme from scratch, conversion of existing design into a theme, or theme customization.

Theme development scenarios

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I want a unique design, but do not mind the default page layout

Blank theme-based development

Using the Magento blank theme as a starting point, we engage in custom Magento 2 theme development. The blank theme provides the basic structure upon which our designers build the features and customizations that you want.

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I want a unique design with non-standard layouts no one else has

Development from scratch

Developing a custom Magento 2 theme from scratch creates a field for an exclusive Magento design to embody your most creative ideas. In addition, it enables optimized theme performance to speed up your Magento solution.

Custom Magento 2 theme development process



We thoroughly analyze the design mockups to understand the scope of efforts required to develop a theme for your store.



We provide you with a detailed development roadmap, enlisting third-party or custom Magento extensions required to implement the new functionality introduced in the design along with the list of related Magento services.


Backend customizations

Prior to commencing theme development, we implement backend customizations to accommodate the necessary features.


Theme development

We create an installable theme in accordance with Magento’s Frontend Developer Guide, UI Components Guide, and the JavaScript Guide.


Quality assurance

We perform manual testing of the developed theme, submit a bug report, and perform fixes for functional and compatibility issues that we discover.

Conversion of existing design into a Magento theme

Though we advise against having multiple teams work on Magento design and development, we do understand the reasoning behind such an approach. If that’s your case and you’re looking for a team of developers ready to pick up the ready-made design you have and implement it — look no further.

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Staylime has a pool of frontend developers ready to help you with translating your theme designs into an installable package. Taking after third-party Magento design mockups, we develop storefront themes compliant with Magento’s best practices for theme development, helping you avoid conflicts and issues with your theme after you update your Magento instance or install custom Magento extensions.

Ready made theme customization

By customizing an off the shelf Magento theme, you get an affordable web store design faster.

Our team helps to select the most suitable theme from a wide range of those available on the market and adapts it to your liking, including the change of color schemes, fonts, layout, and the development of new icons, illustrations, 3D visualizations, and banners.

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Performance improvement

Slow site load times adversely affect the customers’ buying decision. Our team will also help optimize the performance of your ready-made Magento theme to boost site load speed and achieve an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

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Extension accommodation

Our designers and frontend developers can help you accommodate ready-made or custom Magento extensions that do not fit the developed Magento theme, whether partially or fully, by introducing the necessary alterations to design mockups and the theme.

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Mobile optimization

We optimize ready-made Magento design themes for mobile to enable responsiveness across platforms and help your Magento solution easily adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

AMP enablement

We utilize Google AMP framework or Magento AMP extensions to simplify the HTML structure of the pages of your store, strip them of resource-heavy elements, and allow static content to load in under a second on mobile devices.

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Our engineers enable AMP for both ready-made and custom Magento theme designs, making the look-and-feel of the AMP version match the desktop one while allowing you to enjoy better conversion rates and increased search visibility due to lightning-fast load times.

PWA theme development

We use Magento PWA Studio to build Progressive Web Application themes for Magento store owners, who want to take Magento’s inherently low performance out of the equation and increase the potential of their stores to the max.

Our PWA-enabled themes provide greater flexibility since they are not dependent on any pre-built layouts and are capable of accommodating one-of-a-kind design with no limitations whatsoever. And, given that Magento integration with the frontend is done via an API, the theme achieves the highest level of performance.

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