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Magento consulting services

Staylime provides end-to-end Magento consulting services, helping ecommerce companies oversee and execute changes for better business performance and customer experience. Whether you seek technical advice and guidance or look for an expert opinion in business-strategic decision making, our Magento consultants will share all the information and expertise you need to get the most value from your Magento store.

Business processes optimization

Before rendering any Magento services Staylime dives deep into existing tasks and operations to come up with the most suitable solution for efficient business process management and routine automation.

Based on your current infrastructure and strategic goals, we will design a proper workflow for each system within your software environment, including Magento, to increase your productivity and business performance.

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Replatforming to Magento

We help businesses willing to capitalize on the powerful ecommerce toolset of Magento plan and execute the transition from other platforms.

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Our team will draw up an optimal path to switching to either Open Source, Commerce or Commerce Cloud editions, guiding you through every step of the replatforming journey.

Replatforming process



Analysis of the existing platform and elaboration of your business requirements.



Selection of the relevant Magento edition and a cost-effective hosting/server.



Implementation of the required functionality.



Integration with third-party applications and consolidation of the architecture.



Estimation of redesign with itemized costs and timeline.

Migration planning

For existing businesses, our Magento experts and consultants take charge of preparing a comprehensive migration plan to ensure a smooth and fast shift to Magento 2 and seamless operation upon go-live.

Our analysts will perform an all-round audit of your existing Magento environment and will help you launch your Magento 2 migration project by:

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Analysing the configuration

Analysing the configuration of the existing store, including data, extensions, customizations, integrations, and design specifics.

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Revising the extensions

Revising the extensions in place to detect the ones you no longer need and coming up with the list of applicable Magento 2 alternatives along with their purchase, installation, and setup costs.

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Analysing custom functionality

Analysing custom functionality with recommendations on how to implement it best on Magento 2.

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Assessing the data

Assessing the data of the existing extensions and the efforts required to migrate it to Magento 2.

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Defining the best approach

Defining the best approach towards the re-integration of third-party systems and estimating implementation costs.

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Estimating custom theme

Selecting an appropriate ready-made Magento 2 theme or estimating custom theme development based on the new configuration.

Functional consultancy

Should our clients miss any particular feature or require a functional upgrade of their Magento stores, Staylime will uncover the reasons behind the need of change and assess the tasks to be tackled.

Depending on your requirements and existing infrastructure, our analysts will work out the most rational way to implement the new functionality and estimate delivery efforts and TCO of the preferred option:

  • Dumbbell in store on sale

    Ready-made extension installation

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    Ready-made extension customization

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    Custom extension development

Extension selection

Staylime helps you choose the most appropriate extensions for your store, allowing you to take advantage of proven Magento solutions available on the market without overloading your store.

To finalize the list of the Magento extensions you need and ensure their compatibility, our team will:

  • Match your functional requirements to capabilities of ready-made extensions and validate reliability of their vendors;
  • Carry out a comparative analysis of suitable extensions, outlining their features, costs and restrictions, and selecting the ones that will work best for you;
  • Analyze compatibility with the extensions already in place to provide for their seamless interoperation upon installation;
  • Estimate customization and styling efforts required to align new extensions with your existing theme.

Server selection & configuration

We take hosting considerations off your shoulders, providing an all-round audit of your server environment, including current settings, load limits and bottlenecks, if any.

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Depending on your budget expectations and business goals, our team will propose an optimal hosting approach and configuration that enable high performance of your Magento store with no compromise on security.

Types of hosting:

Managed hosting

Your hosting setup, administration, management and support are handled by the hosting provider, so that you focus on strategic objectives rather than server management.

Unmanaged hosting

You get full autonomous control over your hosting environment, taking advantage of optimized monthly costs, server customization flexibility, and the ability to introduce any changes immediately.

Performance review

Aiming to optimize Magento performance for better conversion, our team reveals any weak points and issues that slow down your store and eliminates them.

We investigate store’s performance end-to-end, taking care of:

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Identification & analysis

Identification and analysis of resource-heavy operations that impact server load.

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Code audit

Audit of the custom code and evaluation of refactoring efforts.

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Action plan

Creation of an action plan to tackle performance issues, starting from minor changes to extension logic to extension deactivation.

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Development of a sound approach to frontend optimization to give a boost to your page load times and PageSpeed Insights score.

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Assessment of the existing server configuration and, if required, estimation of efforts required to design a new architecture and its subsequent TCO.

SEO consulting

We deliver relevant data-driven SEO strategies for your Magento store to help you skyrocket your positions in search engines.

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Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Within an in-depth SEO audit, Staylime analyses limitations and pitfalls in current settings and detects reasons for the traffic drop either during regular store operation or after Magento 2 migration.

As a result, you get a detailed report full of insights and recommendations and a clear remedy plan with cost and timeline estimation so you could embark on a new chapter in your SEO practice straight away.

User experience audit

Staylime builds a solid foundation for an effective UX redesign, allowing you to get a new perspective of your Magento store and uncover areas for its improvement.

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Through exploratory domain-specific research and deep domain analysis with industry-renowned tools we create a step-by-step action plan to enhance user experience and drive better customer engagement, resulting in more sales:

  • Digital experience analysis of your target audience;
  • Detection of reasons behind low conversion and high bounce rates;
  • Identification and prioritization of customer journey bottlenecks to implement high-impact improvements first;
  • Calculation of financial benefits from enhancements and fixes;
  • Provision of tailored recommendations based on the research of your domain and industry’s best practices in UI/UX, as well as our own experience;
  • Estimation of improvement efforts and costs.

Third-party integration

Payment gateways, shipment integrators, marketing automation, and analytic tools, or catalog, product, stock, and any other parts of your Magento environment — our team ensures seamless connectivity of disparate systems, employing reliable extensions or custom integrations built from scratch.

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Be it a direct, reverse, or two-way integration, we will propose the most effective approach and implementation roadmap to help you set up a cohesive ecommerce ecosystem.

Security audit

Our security audit embraces every aspect of store security, from server and Magento configuration checks to detection of vulnerable extensions and malicious code.

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To minimize security risks and protect your online store, we draft recommendations on how to improve your current security setup, covering: 

  • SSH
  • Keys
  • Firewall settings
  • Logging
  • Backups
  • Security patches & updates
  • Admin panel availability
  • Password strength
  • SSL implementation