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Magento extension development

Whether you are driven by the need of having unique functionality that is missing in any of the existing 5,660 extensions on the marketplace and myriads more beyond, or building an extension from scratch for sale, we’re happy to help by rendering a full spectrum of Magento extension development & customization services.

Proprietary & commercial Magento extension development

Throughout the years we’ve developed over 100 extensions of different complexity to let businesses implement unique functionality that is not available either with an out of the box Magento installation or in ready-made extensions.

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I need custom functionality for my store

Proprietary extension development

We help store owners with their Custom Magento development needs by rendering proprietary Magento extension development services to help you tailor your business workflows, or enrich and improve your customers’ user experience.

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I want to build a new extension for sale

Commercial extension development

We bundle unique functionality ideas into commercially available extensions compliant with Magento’s Extension Quality Program that you can sell on Magento Marketplace.

Extension customization

We carry out advanced customization of extensions developed by third-party vendors when there is a need for Custom Magento development services to extend or modify their existing functionality.

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When introducing customizations we also make sure that extensions retain a logical and efficient coding structure, acceptable performance and scalability, and remain compatible with Magento’s core.

Compatibility enablement

With 5,660 ready-made extensions on the Marketplace and about 1,000 themes out there in the wild, it is highly unlikely that their random combination will work without a hitch — and that’s especially true when it comes to extensions and themes made by different vendors.

Staylime helps businesses address these annoyances by providing full compatibility enablement along with related Magento services, be it a trivial or a desperate case.

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My extensions fail to work with one another

Cross-extension compatibility

Oftentimes, one extension overrides the default functionality used by the other leaving you wondering why things do not work as expected.

Whether they extend the same classes, duplicate the same functionality, or affect the same files in your Magento installation, we can help you out by modifying the two (or three, or as many as you’re experiencing problems with) to ensure their cross-compatibility.

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My extensions aren’t displayed well or at all

Theme & extension compatibility

Whenever you install a poorly-built ready-made or custom Magento theme it might so happen that some extensions will fail to display on the storefront partially or even fully.

Whether it is because theme installation has introduced new functionality, modified the existing one, or rendered extension files inaccessible, we can help you out by modifying the extensions in question in a way so that they understand the functionality or the layout of the newly installed theme.

Extension refactoring

Be it a ready-made extension bought by you on the Marketplace, or a custom extension developed solely for you by a third-party vendor, chances are high it needs refactoring.

Extreme server loads, poor performance, missing or invalid functionality, you name it — throughout the years we’ve seen a range of impacts that poor architectural choices can have on an extension or the environment it runs on.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
But don’t give in to despair just yet — whether you have an extension that fails to work, produces errors, or requires performance optimization, we will be happy to refactor it for you.

Functionality merge

Recall the last time you had to choose between extensions because they just wouldn’t work with one another. We bet you wished that there was one that would incorporate the functionality of both, but unfortunately there was none and we feel for you.

The renewed webstore was to achieve the following mission-critical goals:

  • Hand adding a spoiler to a lego car

    Adding the missing functionality to the extension that is used most.

  • Hand putting a lego brick on top of two other bricks

    Building a third extension that integrates the functionality of the existing two.

Conversion to extension

Staylime helps to extract the existing code from Magento’s core and wrap it into a separate working extension in case custom functionality has been hard-coded.

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Extension design

Let’s face it: out-of-the-box design, business logic, and usability of most commercial Magento extensions are poor.

This results in end users resorting to vendors for help with fixing layouts, styling, functionality, or understanding extension behavior altogether. We feel for the users, yet we know that few great developers are good at design.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Here at Staylime we specialize in making the journey of Magento users smooth and appealing, especially when it comes to extensions as the entire functionality of the platform is essentially bundled into them.
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Design from scratch

Staylime artists and UX engineers help vendors come up with eye-catching and, most importantly, usable designs for their commercial Magento extension development endeavors.

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Revamp & stylization

We redesign the interface of existing extensions in cases when they have a poor look-and-feel or do not play well with the theme you have installed.

Extension migration

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    Data migration

    Oftentimes existing Magento 1 extensions possess data that needs to be transferred to the Magento 2 version of the extension, or to its functional analogue during migration. Whichever the case, we develop custom scripts that allow to perform the migration of critical extension data to your new store.

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    Functionality migration

    We help our customers retain the functionality of their existing extensions during migration to Magento 2 by installing their counterparts on the new store, suggesting analogous extensions with akin functionality, or replicating the functionality ourselves by developing a custom extension.

Extension audit

In the development of Magento solutions, Staylime’s experts offer extension audit services to help you choose the most productive and least time consuming approach for your business.

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    Marketplace extension installation

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    Marketplace extension refinement

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    Custom extension development

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
As a result, you receive a strategic roadmap helping you to achieve business goals faster and at a lower cost.

Why entrust us with Magento extension development

By entrusting Staylime with extension development services, you receive the following benefits:

  • We follow Magento’s Best Practices for Extension Developers to make sure that your newly acquired extension behaves correctly in Magento’s modular environment;
  • You receive the source code allowing for further in-house customizations;
  • We follow a sound architectural approach to custom Magento development, meaning that we offer rational solutions to the challenges you are facing, taking into account your budget, limitations, and requirements such as the need to integrate the functionality into your workflows, further updates, scaling, compatibility, and usability;
  • We ensure timely delivery and strive to remain transparent, as it is important for us to keep you updated and informed at all times;
  • We employ a team of skilled UI/UX experts, which allows us to deliver great Magento website design, and guarantee high usability and great user experience to the end users of your extension in addition to high performance delivered by our solution architects and developers;
  • We have solid experience in the Magento market, so we’re able to provide you with the most adequate and cost- and time-efficient ready-made, customized, or custom extension solutions to your challenges.

We’re Extension Builders’ Partners

During the years we’ve become partners with renowned Magento Extension Builders, which entails a set of benefits for our customers.

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    Magento Premier and Select Extension Builders entrust us with the delivery of customizations to their extensions, meaning that our work is held to an exceptionally high standard.

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    We have immediate access to professional first-hand advice from extension builders themselves, meaning that we can make informed decisions when introducing changes to their extensions.