Magento services

Staylime renders the full spectrum of Magento services from consulting through ideation to execution.

Be it a project from scratch or an existing store in need of rescue, we are ready to embark on a design and development endeavor of any complexity.

Magento consulting

We provide all round Magento consultancy services for brick and mortar businesses looking to go digital or online stores willing to alter their existing ecommerce environment.

Whether you want to replatform to Magento, have the urge to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and need a solid plan, seek advice on how to improve your business processes from a technical standpoint, or need someone to audit your user experience and security — we have a team of experienced business analysts and engineers to help you out.

  • Replatforming to Magento
  • Business process optimization
  • Migration planning
  • Functional consultancy
  • Server configuration analysis
  • Performance review
  • Integration roadmapping
  • Extension selection
  • SEO consulting
Magento development

Our team helps ecommerce businesses driven by the desire to enjoy a rich and oftentimes unique feature set to satisfy their needs by rendering turnkey or custom Magento development services.

Staylime architects and implements Magento solutions from the ground up along with any bespoke functionality needed to address your unique business requirements. Our development services are full-cycle, meaning that we will be accompanying you throughout the entire journey from conceptualization to launch and further maintenance.

  • Turnkey development
  • Custom development
  • Marketplace development
  • Multi-store development
  • Magento Open Source
  • Magento Commerce
  • Theme design

    For merchants who value a unique design and wish to make their brand stand out from competitors, we offer bespoke theme design services.

    Our designers will help you build an attractive, well-thought-out, and aesthetically designed theme for your store either from the ground up or based on the Magento Blank theme.

  • Design customization

    If you’re looking to customize the design of your store, Staylime is here to assist you with altering colors, fonts, layout, and the general look and feel according to your preferences.

    Beyond that, we brush up your existing mockups and fix any design mistakes, including poor readability, mismatching typography, a low-contrast palette, and the lack of white space. Once done, we provide you with all the assets needed to proceed with implementing it.

  • Design integration

    Our certified Magento developers take on existing design mockups and develop a unique Magento theme that follows Magento’s best practices.

    When doing so we take into account any custom functionality and existing extensions that you have installed and make sure that the bespoke theme in question has no visual or functional compatibility issues with them.

  • UI/UX design

    If you’re looking to customize the design of your store, Staylime is here to assist you with altering colors, fonts, layout, and the general look and feel according to your preferences.

    Beyond that, we brush up your existing mockups and fix any design mistakes, including poor readability, mismatching typography, a low-contrast palette, and the lack of white space. Once done, we provide you with all the assets needed to proceed with implementing it.

  • Responsive design

    Our designers transform existing desktop mockups into a range of tablet and mobile layouts.

    This will allow your developers of choice to introduce responsiveness to your store, making the customer experience enjoyable across the entire spectrum of platforms and devices.

  • Theme development

    Staylime creates exclusive designs and converts them into custom Magento themes that enjoy exceptional performance and enable your users to have a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience.

    And given that you are running a multi-store we can make your new theme reusable, letting you cut on development costs.

  • Theme customization

    Our designers can customize a ready-made Magento theme to your liking by changing the palette, swapping typography, amending layouts, introducing new icons and images, and whatnot.

    Besides, we enable responsiveness to let your users have an enjoyable experience across platforms and devices.

  • Theme migration

    In cases where customers are absolutely in love with their existing Magento 1 theme and just can’t let go...

    ...we help them recreate it by hand on the new Magento 2 installation during migration and replicate any unique theme-specific functionality that their current store has.

  • Extension development

    We offer Magento extension development services to help you customize your business workflows.

    Alternatively, we can enhance your customers’ user experience in scenarios where there is no readily available extension that suits your needs.

  • Extension customization

    We perform advanced customization of existing Magento extensions created by third-party vendors.

    In cases where customers need to expand or amend their functionality, ensuring that they have appropriate performance and are compatible with the existing environment.

Migration execution

Staylime lets Magento 1.x store owners catch up with the competition by helping them to plan and execute migration to Magento 2.x.

In doing that we analyze your business requirements and suggest smart ways of automating or enhancing your business processes along with the UI and UX so that you can freshen up your store and improve its functionality.

  • Setting up a new server environment
  • Migrating data
  • Designing and developing a new theme
  • Installing extensions
  • Replicating unique functionality
  • Retaining integrations
  • Performing pre-live SEO

Migration audit

Throughout the years we have seen others fail at migrations.

Here at Staylime we offer migration audit services for business owners that have a serious suspicion that something might be off with their migrated store in terms of performance, functionality, integrations, and SEO, or those who just want to make sure their store is safe and sound.

  • Performance audit

    We use industry renowned tools and our vast experience to thoroughly analyze the performance of your Magento store.

    That includes but is not limited to the ability of the server to handle existing loads and its configuration, the state of optimization of database queries, the presence of redundant extensions and the overall theme and extension efficiency, server-side and client-side errors including those directly affecting sales.

  • Performance optimization

    Having analyzed the current state of affairs we dive into implementing the changes.

    Our modifications prevent downtime, eliminate security problems or exploits, or improve the performance of your store to increase conversion rates and drive more revenue.

  • Performance monitoring

    We provide a 24/7 availability, performance and Magento SEO monitoring of your store to be able to take preemptive measures as the very moment issues appear.

    We also keep an eye and notify our customers on update rollouts so that they enjoy timely patches, improvements, and upgrades of their themes, extensions, and Magento’s core.


Audit & server configuration

Our architects analyze the configuration of your existing Magento environment.

They also scrutinize the loads it is currently experiencing, and suggest a new optimal and easily scalable configuration that takes into account your performance expectations, growth plans, and financial capabilities.

Server migration

Our DevOps engineers plan and execute server migrations for customers who are unsatisfied with their current IaaS or PaaS vendors.

Whether you are concerned with poor performance, lack of scalability, or uncooperative support, we’ll be happy to help you seamlessly move to a better hosting environment.

Magento integration

Depending on your business model and operations, we implement both scheduled and real-time, unidirectional and bidirectional data.

Interchange between single- and multi-store Magento installations and a multitude of third-party systems, including but not limited to payment gateways, marketplaces, and ERPs, PIMs, POSs, CRMs.

Maintenance & support
Magento maintenance & support

Whether you are experiencing severe problems with your Magento store and are in need of urgent help or would like to make sure it keeps running smoothly no matter what, then you should look into subscribing to one of our support and maintenance tiers.

Staylime engages in monthly maintenance with businesses that require an allocated amount of human resources with guaranteed availability to cater to their ongoing development and customization needs. Alternatively, we can render ad hoc support in cases of emergency, where there's an urgent issue that requires immediate attention of skilled engineers.

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Ad-hoc support
  • Magento, extension, theme, and server updates
  • Availability and performance monitoring
  • Third-party support takeover
Magento SEO

Despite being well-built codewise, online stores are oftentimes experiencing high bounce rates, are not converting visitors into buyers, are not ranking for their niche’s keywords, or are not indexed thoroughly altogether.

Our SEO experts help Magento store owners uncover the reasons for unsatisfactory rankings or indexing, and detect conversion killers.

From performing an express SEO scan to devising and implementing a comprehensive ongoing strategy, Staylime analyses, fixes, and improves a multitude of SEO performance aspects, enabling you to enhance your SERPs quickly and continuously.

  • Express SEO scan
  • Ad-hoc fixes
  • In-depth SEO audit
  • Strategy development
  • Ongoing SEO