Magento certifications and why they matter

Jun 15, 2022 Val Kelmuts 7 min read

Should it happen that you sprain your ankle, who would you visit? A board-certified medical professional or a self-proclaimed healer. It’s a no-brainer: you’ll visit the certified professional.

Similarly, when you hire a developer to build a Magento website, you should consider hiring certified experts to ensure your project is successful. Magento certifications endorse competence and professionalism. They’re a testament to an individual’s knowledge and expertise in using the Magento ecommerce platform.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the different Magento certifications to help you understand why they matter.

Magento certifications explained

After Adobe acquired Magento, they gradually rolled out their vision for One Adobe to streamline their product offerings. And as of August 2020, they’ve unified Magento certifications with the Adobe certifications program.

Here’s a brief introduction to the Magento certifications issued by Adobe to help you understand what it takes to become an Adobe certified individual.

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner

Contrary to popular belief, Magento certifications aren’t only for developers. The Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner certification is issued to subject matter experts demonstrating the ability to leverage Magento 2 effectively.

This certification is open to a diverse range of ecommerce professionals such as consultants, strategists, engineers, analysts, and end users. Therefore, it doesn’t require any specialized prior training or knowledge of other software technologies.

However, it requires expertise with Magento 2 Open Source and Adobe Commerce. Adobe tests individuals for proficiency with different Magento aspects such as:

  • — Magento Architecture,
  • — Magento admin and storefront,
  • — Magento catalog operations,
  • — Ecommerce applications of Magento.

Attaining such expertise is only possible through a combination of rigorous training and hands-on experience working with the platform. An individual certified as an Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner can help you align your business objectives using native Magento 2 functionality and avoid unnecessary customizations wherever possible.

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer

This certification is issued to individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of Magento 2 design fundamentals. It validates their knowledge of Magento theming components and tests their proficiency with customizing the Magento 2 user interface.

There are no restrictions on who can attempt this exam. However, individuals with more than 1.5 years of experience with Magento frontend development and a deep understanding of its theming principles are more likely to succeed.

Adobe tests applicants for several aspects closely related to Magento 2 frontend development, such as:

  • — Theme development,
  • — Magento design configuration,
  • — Theme layout,
  • — Template file creation and customization,
  • — Static asset deployment,
  • — JavaScript creation and customization,
  • — Internationalization of frontend pages,
  • — Frontend customization using CSS and LESS.

Individuals certified as experts in Adobe Commerce frontend development can help you build and customize Magento 2 themes. Additionally, they can help you modify website pages and implement design configurations from the Magento admin panel.

Adobe Certified Professional - Adobe Commerce Developer

This credential is issued to individuals experienced in working with Magento-related technologies like Linux, PHP, Nginx/Apache and know the basics of the Magento framework.

The Adobe Certified Professional Adobe Commerce Developer certification is ideal for budding developers, especially those seeking to start their careers as Magento developers. They only need a basic understanding of Magento fundamentals to attain this credential.

Adobe tests individuals to identify their familiarity and understanding of Magento-specific aspects such as:

  • — Magento’s architecture and customization techniques,
  • — Magento’s request flow processing,
  • — Customization of the Magento UI,
  • — Working with the Magento database,
  • — Using Adminhtml for development,
  • — Customizing Magento’s business logic.

The exam validates a budding Magento developer’s knowledge and skills related to Magento admin modifications, database changes, UI customization, functionality customization, and catalog and checkout structures.

Individuals certified as professionals in Adobe Commerce development can help you with your Magento store’s basic customization and maintenance based on Adobe’s recommended best practices.

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Developer

This certification is issued to Magento developers with intermediate proficiency managing and customizing versions 2.3.x of Magento 2 Open Source and Adobe Commerce

It’s ideal for Magento developers with more than 1.5 years of experience customizing Magento 2. Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, those certified as Adobe Certified Professional Adobe Commerce Developers and who’ve completed the Magento 2 Development Essentials course are more likely to succeed in being accredited.

Adobe tests Magento developers for a deeper understanding of the platform and examines their ability to implement practical applications of Magento development and customization such as:

  • — The Magento architecture and its customization,
  • — Request flow processing,
  • — Customizing the Magento UI,
  • — Working with databases,
  • — Using the Entity-Attribute-Value model,
  • — Developing with Adminhtml,
  • — Catalog and Checkout customization,
  • — Sales operations,
  • — Customer management.

They examine Magento developers for their proficiency in working with the platform and modifying its functionality through admin changes, UI modifications, database manipulations, checkout customizations, order management integrations, catalog functionality, and structure modification.

Individuals certified as expert Adobe Commerce Developers generally possess a few years of experience working with Magento and developing moderate to advanced Magento functionality and customization solutions.

Adobe Certified Master - Adobe Commerce Architect

This certification is issued to Magento developers demonstrating exceptional proficiency in working with the platform by testing their expertise in customizing different areas of Adobe Commerce version 2.3.

Generally, senior Magento developers with over two years of experience building custom solutions for Adobe Commerce, leading development projects and developer teams, working with varied clients, and making critical technical decisions succeed in achieving this certification.

Adobe examines developers for advanced knowledge and a holistic understanding of Magento across areas such as:

  • — The Magento architecture,
  • — Magento UI,
  • — Magento database,
  • — Implementation of Entity-Attribute-Value model,
  • — Working with Adminhtml,
  • — Checkout process and catalog customization,
  • — Adobe Commerce functionality,
  • — Magento security.

They examine Magento developers and solutions architects for their skills and expertise in customizing Magento, forecasting impacts of customizations, making critical decisions, and understanding fundamental mechanisms like checkout, product, and quote operations.

This certification represents the crème de la crème of Magento developers. A master Adobe Commerce developer can help you leverage Magento effectively to achieve your business goals and plan and direct your development projects to ensure success.

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer

This certification is issued to JavaScript developers with generalized experience in developing solutions for Magento stores. It validates their ability to build and customize JavaScript modules for Magento 2.

Like other Magento certifications, there are no prerequisites for this certification. However, developers who’ve attended the JavaScript development in Magento 2 course and possess at least one year of experience in Magento JavaScript customizations are more likely to succeed in being certified.

Besides the in-browser JavaScript framework, Adobe examines developers for proficiency in working with server-side layout configurations, Adminhtml components, and customer data sections. They test their understanding of aspects such as:

  • — Familiarity with the Magento technology stack,
  • — Magento JavaScript basics,
  • — Magento core JavaScript library,
  • — Magento UI components,
  • — Payments and checkout architecture.

An individual certified as an Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer can help you use Magento components effectively, customize them appropriately, and build new ones by following Magento development best practices.

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Cloud Developer

This credential is issued to Magento developers and cloud architects with expertise in integrating, troubleshooting, and leveraging the Adobe Commerce Cloud platform to help Magento users achieve their business goals.

Developers generally require at least 6 to 12 months of hands-on experience building and customizing Adobe Commerce Cloud solutions to be accredited. Additionally, those who’ve completed the Adobe Commerce Cloud for developers course are more likely to succeed in being certified.

Adobe examines individuals for their expertise in working with the Magento Cloud infrastructure across areas such as:

  • — The Adobe Commerce Cloud fundamentals,
  • — Setting up and using a local development environment,
  • — Configuring cloud solutions and associated services,
  • — The Commerce Cloud deployment process,
  • — Static content deployment,
  • — Development and troubleshooting,
  • — Live deployments and maintenance.

Individuals certified as expert Adobe Commerce Cloud developers can help you test, troubleshoot, deploy, and operate a Magento store using the Adobe Commerce Cloud environment. They can help you leverage the platform effectively to get the best returns on your investments.

Why Magento certifications matter

Staylime appreciates the value of Magento certifications. Here, we employ Adobe certified experts to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Let’s explore how working with a Magento-certified professional can help your business succeed.

Deep understanding of Magento

Achieving a Magento certification requires a dedicated effort towards understanding Magento 2 and its business applications. Adobe ensures professionals are thoroughly tested for their expertise to ensure that only those with a strong comprehension of Magento are certified as experts.

They do all the heavy lifting to help merchants identify individuals possessing a deep understanding of Magento quickly.

Greater credibility

Magento certifications are testaments to an individual’s skill and the time they’ve dedicated to mastering a specific Magento-related aspect. They help developers gain greater credibility in the eyes of potential employers and clients.

For clients, Magento certifications are a reliable metric to judge the skill and expertise of a developer or agency.

Relevant knowledge

Under the Adobe certifications program, Magento certifications are only valid for two years at a time. This time limit ensures that certified individuals are familiar with recent Magento updates and employ the latest technologies to design solutions.

An Adobe certification is a quick way to identify an individual who can leverage the latest developments in Magento and help merchants design innovative ecommerce solutions.

High-quality results

A thorough understanding of Magento’s architecture, components, and security best practices help Adobe certified experts deliver higher quality results for their clients. They’re better equipped to design solutions through integrations and customizations than those lacking Magento-specific experience.

Magento certifications identify individuals capable of delivering well-design solutions for online merchants.

Magento certifications are a reliable metric for merchants

Hiring an Adobe-certified expert doesn’t guarantee a successful outcome for merchants. However, it ensures that accredited individuals are experts in their domain and capable of handling varying levels of complexity when working with Magento.

When combined with other metrics such as experience and client testimonials, these certifications can help you hire Magento experts capable of delivering results in line with your expectations and adhering to Adobe’s best practices.

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