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May 10, 2022 Val Kelmuts 7 min read

A survey of marketing professionals revealed that email marketing delivers an average of 3,700% ROI. In contrast, social media marketing ranks a distant second with an estimated ROI of 28%.

If you’re a Magento store owner who’s looking for new ways to drive their online sales, it’s time to tap into the potential of email marketing. Even if you’re already running a small email marketing campaign, there’s a lot more you can do to boost your sales without spending a pretty penny. A Magento email marketing extension that plugs into your store can help you leverage your customer database to boost repeat orders, customer engagement, and conversions.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Magento email marketing extensions on the market to help you find the best one for your business. It includes a mix of free and paid options for you to choose the one that fits every budget.

1. dotdigital Engagement Cloud

dotdigital Engagement Cloud

You can’t talk about Magento email marketing extensions without talking about dotdigital — the extension included with every Magento 2 store out of the box. dotdigital is a third-party service that allows Magento merchants to connect with their audience across multiple touchpoints.

The dotdigital Magento 2 extension gives you a seamless integration experience with your engagement cloud account. It offers advanced marketing features such as customer segmentation, drag & drop campaigns, and commerce intelligence to track engagement through the customer lifecycle.

Although the extension is bundled with Magento 2, the pricing for a dotdigital Engagement Cloud account starts from $400. They provide a 14-day free trial to help merchants decide if dotdigital is the right fit for their business needs.

2. CleverReach


The CleverReach email marketing extension lets you integrate your Magento 2 store with your CleverReach account and send personalized emails right from your Magento admin.

It allows you to manage up to 250 subscribers and send up to 1,000 emails per month for free and scale up with flexible paid plans tailored for businesses of all sizes. We like the CleverReach email marketing extension because it gives you complete control over your data.

It lets you choose which customers to sync with your account and has a user-friendly abandoned cart email feature that automatically encourages customers to complete their orders. You can even tag customers based on their interests and send emails tailored to their preferences.

3. Mailchimp


Mailchimp dominates the email marketing industry with a massive 60% market share. They provide a Magento extension to help Magento users integrate their ecommerce stores and Mailсhimp accounts.

The official Mailchimp Magento 2 extension allows merchants to leverage such powerful automation features as personalized purchase paths and customer attribute-based engagement. They allow merchants to provide exclusive discounts to their customers on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and personalize offers based on their interactions with your online store.

Mailchimp offers a free plan for accounts with up to 2,000 contacts, including helpful features like 1-step automation, signup forms, email templates, and multichannel marketing management tools. For merchants with advanced needs, they offer paid plans with features such as A/B testing and email scheduling.

We’ve helped several business owners build successful email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp. Suppose you need help with setting up the extension and optimizing it for your business needs. You can explore our Magento services here.

4. Marketing & Sales Suite by Mageworx

Marketing & Sales Suite by Mageworx

The Magento 2 Marketing & Sales Suite extension by Mageworx brings all the essential email marketing functionality you need to your Magento 2 store. You don’t need to transfer your store data to a third-party service or share it with any other business.

What we love about the extension by Mageworx is that it does more than email marketing. It also provides you with advanced features such as reward points, countdown timers, and unintrusive sales pop-ups to boost customer engagement and sales.

Its email marketing features include email reminders, design templates, and Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters for campaign tracking. It also lets you offer personalized discounts to your customers using shopping cart attributes and customer behavior metrics.

The Mageworx Marketing & Sales Suite extension pricing starts from $399 for Magento 2 Open Source users. The best part is that they include lifetime free updates and a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

We’ve used several Mageworx extensions in the past, and this one is no different. It’s packed with features and built using clean code that won’t slow your store down. And if you’d like to use this extension with a third-party solution, you can give us a visit now to explore a customized solution.

5. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is a marketing and sales SaaS for growing businesses. It provides you with everything you need to build a successful email marketing strategy for your business. All you need is the official Magento 2 extension from the Magento marketplace and a free Sendinblue account.

Our favorite aspect about Sendinblue is that it doesn’t limit the number of subscribers you can manage and lets you send up to 9,000 free emails per month on a free account. And if you have an extensive customer database, you can upgrade to a paid plan that’s tailored to your business needs.

The Sendinblue Magento 2 extension lets you sync, segment, and manage your customers with your Sendinblue account from within the admin panel. It also integrates with the signup forms on your Magento store and automatically sends order and signup confirmation emails.

6. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform designed primarily for ecommerce businesses. Their Magento 2 extension helps merchants integrate their Magento stores with their Klaviyo account and simplify their email marketing efforts.

Klaviyo offers one of the best customer segmentation functionalities of all the marketing extensions on this list and lets you target customers using any metric or store attribute. It provides predictive analysis of customer lifetime value and churn risk for all users.

You can also create personalized automation flows using pre-built templates in Klaviyo’s Flow Builder to automate every touchpoint across your sales funnel and customer journey. Klaviyo gathers data from your Magento store and gives you actionable insights to help you optimize your email marketing strategy.

7. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign does more than being an email marketing tool. It automates your Magento store’s entire customer experience, courtesy of the official extension that integrates your store with your ActiveCampaign account.

You can access over 850 pre-built integrations and 500 pre-built automations to create a tight-knit omnichannel experience. ActiveCampaign pulls data from your Magento store and helps you identify what appeals to your audience so that you can do more with your customer data.

Although the ActiveCampaign Magento 2 extension is offered free, you need to subscribe to their platform separately to begin using it. To help merchants test the software, ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial which gives you access to features offered with their “Professional” plan starting at $129/month.

8. GetResponse


GetResponse is a suite of advanced email marketing and marketing automation tools designed to help merchants optimize customer touchpoints for conversions. With the official GetResponse for Magento 2 extension, merchants can integrate their stores with their GetResponse accounts to leverage their store data for sales.

GetResponse gathers commerce data such as purchases, form signups, and account registrations from Magento. It allows you to create dedicated emails for each event and optimize custom landing pages to convert customers across different segments.

It brings intuitive automation workflows to your fingertips and helps you reduce customer churn by setting pre-scheduled email reminders to reduce cart abandonment. They offer a generous 30-day free trial to help users trial their service before signing up for one of their paid plans.

9. Mailify


Mailify is a comprehensive online marketing tool that allows merchants to create effective email marketing campaigns without technical skills. Its official Magento extension integrates your online store and Mailify account and simplifies your campaign creation process.

You can import registered customer data and email signups from your store and create targeted campaigns to boost your sales. It synchronizes data in real-time and lets you personalize emails for your customers using attributes such as their order contents, location, and designation.

Mailify lets you create attractive campaigns from its large pre-built email template gallery and lets you experiment with A/B tests to optimize your email copy and content. Mailify offers a 30-day trial period to test their platform before merchants sign up for one of their paid plans.

10. Remarkety


Remarkety is a data-driven email marketing solution that integrates with Magento to help merchants harness the power of big data and automation to offer their customers personalized marketing communication.

What we like about Remarkety is that it offers POS integrations that are ideal for omnichannel businesses. It uses a proprietary technology that tracks your store visitors and identifies them by their email IDs even when they aren’t logged into their accounts.

This feature facilitates cross-platform identification and helps you segment and automate follow-up emails based on customer interactions. Remarkety offers a 30-day trial period, after which merchants can sign up to their subscription plans starting from $25 per month.

Wrapping it up

Emails are a timeless medium to engage with your customers. Combined with a powerful Magento email marketing extension and a well-planned strategy, they can deliver unbeatable returns on your marketing investments.

The right extension can elevate your marketing game to a new level. So, we recommend that you try a few different options before you settle on one

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