Magento integration

Magento integration services

Staylime renders Magento integration services, connecting your Magento instance with enterprise software, third‑party service APIs and custom‑built apps. We ensure your Magento solution covers business processes and functionality needs completely, while providing for seamless synchronization of orders, customers, inventory, fulfillment and billing data across web stores and back office.

Be it a step of a Magento store setup, or a standalone integration project, Staylime elaborates the data translation middleware based on Magento out‑of‑the‑box APIs, third‑party pre‑built frameworks or custom connectors that we develop from the ground up.

magento integrates with analytics, CRM, ERP, etc.

Enterprise software integration services

Staylime introduces Magento integration solutions to your IT infrastructure, analyzing the APIs and data structures of existing corporate apps and configuring web APIs correspondingly.

Magento integration solutions by Staylime enable real‑time update synchronization among Magento stores and ERP, CRM, PIM, accounting and marketing automation systems without the need for manual data entry and validation.

Depending on your business model and operations, we implement both scheduled and real‑time, unidirectional and bidirectional data interchange within single and multi‑store installations.

 Scheme which products integrates with magento
Selected platforms

External service APIs

From payment gateways, shipment integrators and commerce analytics to geolocation, social networks, and streaming platforms, we deliver Magento integration solutions to connect your store to external services.

With hands‑on knowledge of Magento Web APIs and more than a decade of PHP development experience, our team can solve virtually every integration task, tailoring third‑party APIs to extend your Magento solution.

Integration process

Our magento integration services

Integration audit & documentation

A plethora of integrated modules in one Magento installation provokes performance, security, scalability and compatibility issues, while poor documentation complicates maintenance of a Magento solution.

Our team is ready to detect the bottlenecks by providing end-to-end integration audit and documentation review and either generate recommendations or resolve the issues ourselves.

Integration review

Starting from low‑level and proceeding to high‑level components, we figure out integration module conflicts, insecure data communications and functionality discrepancies.

Integration documentation

Staylime team rewrites, extends or creates integration documents to describe major tasks involved and resources needed to support the integration effort.pointer_anim

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