A jar of chili spices

Custom Magento theme design & migration to Magento 2 for Ankerkraut

Staylime made a custom Magento theme design and migrated Ankerkraut’s ecommerce store to Magento 2, having also enhanced the website with custom-built functionality.

  • Domain Condiments & seasoning
  • Market Germany
  • Duration 5 months
  • Services Migration, development
  • Technologies Magento 1 → Magento 2
  • Team Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, QA Engineer, Project Manager, Account Manager

Project background

Ankerkraut is one of the most recognized manufacturers and sellers of savory spices and seasonings in Germany.

Started as a small family-run business, the company turned into a remarkable market player with over $60 mln of revenue per year supplying organic spice blends, sauces, syrups and other related products to over 4,000 stores across Germany and neighboring countries.

Ankerkraut homepage
Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Continuously strengthening their positions as the leading manufacturer, the company always understood the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing IT landscape. So, when the time to migrate from Magento 1 had come, Ankerkraut stakeholders were ready to undertake this project.

Apart from moving to a Magento 2 installation, the company was aiming to:

  • A painter painting a jar of spices

    Revamp the store’s UI with a classy one-of-a-kind theme to enhance customer shopping experience and their perception of the Ankerkraut brand.

  • A grinding mechanism being added to a jar of spices

    Implement custom functionality on top of the capabilities provided by Magento 2 to increase conversion rates and the overall business potential.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Having discovered the project’s success story of one of our previous customers, Luicella’s Ice Cream, the company reached out to Staylime with a request for delivery.

Database migration to Magento 2

We kicked the project off with rendering a Magento migration service.

With hundreds of thousands of orders and customers, the business just couldn’t afford losing any of the crucial data contained in the legacy database. In view of this, Staylime’s major task was to make sure the business-critical assets are transferred without any damage or loss.

A man choosing which spices to buy
Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
During primary migration we performed a series of test runs which helped us detect any errors or inconsistencies early in the process. Thanks to meticulous attention to detail, the website’s database was successfully migrated to the new platform.

Custom Magento theme design & development

A clean and modern user interface is one of the secrets to a strong online presence for any business, and even more so for ecommerce companies.

Thus, upgrading the legacy design to a lightweight, visually stunning custom Magento theme was also on Ankerkraut’s agenda.

Spices being poured into jars

Our team was responsible for custom Magento theme design that would provide a seamless and consistent UX to Ankerkraut’s customers.

Strictly following Magento’s Frontend Developer Guide, our engineers built a lightning-fast responsive custom Magento theme from scratch, making the migrated store boast a stylish design spiced with great performance, making it easy and enjoyable to browse.

Implementation of new features

Apart from performing migration to Magento 2 and implementing a next-gen custom Magento theme design, our team introduced a set of new features.

The new functionality is aimed at enhancing both admin and user interaction with the website to facilitate store management and, generally, improve the overall customer experience:
A man open a drawer with spices

We developed a highly customizable slider for product categories that can be easily adapted to display any type of items such as bestsellers, new arrivals, and discounted products.

A shelf with jars of spices

Major improvements were made to the catalog to simplify product management and configuration.

A man being presented with a branded T-shirt

Our team built a storefront grid module for the vacancy list and team members, enabling easy editing of each element.

Scales weighing spices

We made it possible to display the product price depending on its weight in grams or on the number of packed items and implemented a corresponding dynamic pricing algorithm for configured products, making the pricing more transparent to buyers and the solution comply with the German legislation.

A man with a compass looking for a path

We integrated and customized the Amasty Locator into the storefront to help customers quickly find the nearest store displayed on the map.

A man looking at a jar of spices with a recipe

We integrated the Mageside’s Recipes and Ingredients for Magento 2 extension and modified its outlook so that it would better match the look and feel of the custom Magento theme.

A man buying spices with a gift card

We merged the native input fields for coupons and Amasty Gift Card’s inputs into a single section to simplify the layout of the checkout page.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
The new store was also integrated with a range of external systems, including PayPal and Amazon Pay to enable easy and secure payments, as well as DHL, the international shipping service. Besides, the customer's in-house team integrated the website with the corporate ERP system.

This is our most successful cooperation with an outside agency.

We’re pleased with their ability to complete such a complex project as quickly as they did. Though it will take time for clear metrics to demonstrate the impact of the project, Staylime was a successful collaborator who responded quickly to inquiries and completed complex structures with ease.

Juliane Lackner
Juliane Lackner Product Manager, Ankerkraut GmbH


It took our team 3 months of active work to perform the migration to Magento 2.

By renovating the website’s UI and UX, as well as improving its performance and functional capabilities, Staylime has provided the customer with a robust leverage that helped the company to:

  • A beam of light with Ankerkraut logo

    Enhance brand awareness and perception thanks to a distinct, instantly recognizable design theme.

  • People rushing to a spice store

    Reduce bounce rate and increase page view times thanks to faster navigation and a simplified user journey.

Jan Guardian
Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer @ Staylime
Ever since the website went live, Ankerkraut’s sales conversion rate has been gradually growing. Delighted with the outcomes, the customer continued to work with Staylime on introducing new refinements to the store under the ongoing support framework.